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Celebrating TWO decades of excellence in education

We at ACHARIYA WORLD CLASS EDUCATION made our beginnings at the dawn of the millennium, humble in origins, lofty in aspirations. Two decades on, we take great pride in having revolutionized the space of education, staying away from the outdated 20th century- INFORMATION based - schooling and embracing the updated, 21st Century, INTELLIGENCE based schooling.

At the centre of ACHARIYA's phenomenal success story lies the Multiple Intelligence (MI) based schooling. Our teachers see every child as a future Icon and using advanced tools like BMIT (Brain Mapping Intelligence Tests) map a child's interests to their inherent abilities and guide them to their destination of glory.

Standing tall as testimony to our approach are thousands of our alumni, excelling in their own ways across fields like academics, sports, fine arts, law, Business, science & technology, medicine and research.

Managed by the ACHARIYA Educational Public Trust, the Group now constitutes 51 schools and Colleges across South India with over 14000 happy students.

As the ACHARIYA Family grows in leaps and bounds every year. our gratitude to the growing community of new age parents who chose ACHARIYA'S new age schooling for their children


To make appropriate changes in every child's PHYSICAL, MENTAL, INTELLECTUAL, EMOTIONAL, and SPIRITUAL PERSONALITY, and to develop and elevate them to lead a higher life, to excel in their current nature, and to elevate them to become an ACHARIYAN. At ACHARIYA, our focus is
  • To promote the child's overall development
  • To encourage a lifelong love of learning
  • To develop physical, mental, social, emotional, and spiritual strength - To foster team spirit and individual and group excellence
  • To provide world-class infrastructure and faculty
  • To focus on Multiple Intelligence in the upbringing of children
  • To inculcate human values that will help the student face life's challenges and be successful in life
  • Message from THE CHIEF MENTOR
    As the CHIEF MENTOR, I am pleased with the positive feedback and comments from parents and students who have chosen ACHARIYA. This prospectus will provide you with information about the ACHARIYA GROUP OF SCHOOLS and its uniqueness in every way.
    I encourage parents to choose ACHARIYA to assist their children in MANIFESTING THEIR POTENTIAL and making the most of their lives. ACHARIYA's Educational Design, Methodology, Infrastructure, and Systems are entirely focused on the holistic development of the child. The highly motivated and well-trained teaching faculty, as well as the intellectual environment provided, combined with the serene beauty, will make this the ideal school for your child.
    Dear parents, choose ACHARIYA TO GIVE YOUR child a life of abundance and choice. I am happy to welcome your child to the family of ACHARIYA


    To be the World Class Educational Institution developing the physical, mental, intellectual, emotional and spiritual personality of every individual through empowering minds, enriching lives and enlivening them to celebrate life and be the cause for celebration.


    To Empower Minds and Enrich lives, by providing the best. of the World Class infrastructure with opportunities for Educational, Vocational, Social, Cultural & Leadership development that promote learning Skills for the lifelong personal and collaborative achievement and accomplishments through manifesting human potential to meet the diverse and changing needs of humanity.

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