Non-Academic Innovation

Health & Physical Education


1. General training program for all participants to develop basic motor skills and Physical fitness.
2. Age-appropriate training program - Macro, Meso, micro and session plan.
3. Training sessions/classes
a) Freelance (within a limited circuit)
b) Organized (Framed to achieve the goal)
4. Wide range of variation in activities/exercises for overall development.
5. Fun activities to ensure a joyful environment.
6. Methods and means to develop motor abilities.
7. Implementation of Psychological concept.
8. Performance evaluation, maintaining records, reconstruction/progression of the training program.
9. Well Qualified and experienced Physical education experts.

Multi Sport Activities


1. Scientific and Systematic training program includes sports science (Sports Physiology, Psychology, Bio-mechanics and sports medicine)
2. Sports-specific training program for athletes to develop specific sports techniques, tactics and fitness.
3. Practices/Training matches
4. Special team training program for selected Individuals/teams to participate in various state/national level tournaments.
5. Special summer coaching camps.

1. NIS Qualified and well-experienced coaches/Trainers (sports specific) are engaged to conduct Planned and Systematic Training programs

Wellness Program


S.No Study Tool To Do List
1 Study Notebook - Each student must allot a separate notebook for study hour.
- Subject book/CW/HW must always be coupled with a study notebook
2 Rope-in - Before entering the study room, rope- in the chart (day planner) must be ready for that day
3 Study Technique – 3R 10” For One page- 10 minutes,
✓   First 5” - Read, Recollect
✓  Second 2”- Recall
✓  Third 3” – Reproduce/ Reflect
*Short notes of each & every page must be done on paper & inserted in the textbook/CW.
4 Oral test – 5” - Peer learning
- Supervisor assessment
- Self-assessment at “Random/sequence”
- Like definitions/Formula/Protocols, etc
5 Written test – 10” - At “Random/Sequence”- Like summary/Drawing/Concept matching/Illustration/Deriving/Elucidating/ Reasoning, etc