Books and Deliverables 10th April
Term 1 10th June
Term 2 10th September
Term 3 10th December
Term 4 10th February

Parents must pay the fees for the term within the stipulated time mentioned above. Any default in fee payment will result in a late fee (5% of that term fee) from the very next day onwards.

In case the parent wants to withdraw the child at the beginning of the 4th term, a minimum of 2 months notice must be given. Payment must be done in full for the 4th term in lieu of this notice.

The school will not accept any request for transfer during holidays. If the parent seeks to withdraw the child once the academic year commences in April, payment for the first term plus deliverables fee must be paid.

In cases where the parent wants to withdraw the child in the middle of the year, the whole year fees must be paid to the school, only on receipt of which, the T.C. will be issued.

Only when the fee dues are cleared will T.C. be issued.