The list of Colorful Cultural Extravaganza

  1. Classical fusion dance by our Aklavyan
  2. Fusion dance by our Achariyans (ABSM-TT)
  3. Yoga the secret of compassion by our Achariyans (ABSM-TT)
  4. Lamp dance by our Sampoorna students (SSV)
  5. Martial arts performance by our Achariyans (ASM,ABSM& SSV)
  6. Western dance by Achariyans (ASM)
  7. Mime show about humanity (AASC)
  8. Western dance by ACET boys
  9. Fusion dance by AASC girls
  10. Veena performance by AASC students
  11. Orchestra by our Achariyans
  12. Kathak dance by AASC
  13. Mime show about women empowerment
  14. Robe and pole malkhamb performances by our Achariyans